Stack of books with title reading "Buy Us A Book Love Us Forever: read about our wish list" with Sparrow's Nest Play logo

Buy Us A Book…Love Us Forever

Looking for a small way to show your support of Sparrow’s Nest Play in a tangible way? Well, buy us a book and you’ll be showing us how much you loved and supported this cause forever!

Education is a big part of what we hope to do at a session of Day Camp or our After School Program. Sometimes a well-written book to read aloud is the best springboard for community discussion and activity starters. We cover a lot of ground at Sparrow’s Nest Play. Some of our topics include:

  • Creation Care
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Responsible Consumer Practices
  • Acts of Love, Kindness, Mercy and Justice
  • Friendship and Community 
  • Peacemaking and Reconciliation
  • the teachings of Jesus

It is our hope to have quite a library of literature for children and parents to access. If you know of a book resource you’d like to donate to “the nest,” we’d love to add it to our collection. Or you can help start our collection by checking out our Thriftbooks Wish List

The small act of buying one of these resources can set a child’s imagination free to explore the world through a renewed sense of wonder. Please consider partnering with Sparrow’s Nest Play today as we play in nature, care for creation and teach just living.