Having just birthed Sparrow’s Nest Play, we are developing several ways to reach out and build a community where our values can thrive.

Sparrow’s Nest Play is a nature play care program seeking to nurture children through peace teaching, creation care, conflict resolution, and community. Our perspective is firmly rooted in our faith. Because of that, Sparrow’s Nest Play is open to families and children of all faiths, races, abilities, and backgrounds. We cherish opportunities to embrace diversity among one another, teaching collaboration justice and peace. We think our role in providing that peace is in reuniting children with the natural world.

In our study, we’ve discovered research that suggests that the way children play has changed in the past 30 years! Recent studies have shown that:

  • 64% of children play outside less than once a week
  • a child’s outdoor play range has shrunk 90% since the 1970s
  • 43% of adults think children should not play alone outside until age 14

Which is why our goal is to offer after school enrichment programs, week-long camps, weekend mini-camps, and hour-long nature clubs so that, at Sparrow’s Nest Play, we can offer children opportunities to recapture the wonder of nature.

We believe that nature play can have many benefits for children. It can foster

  • prosocial behavior
  • inner peace
  • emotional balance
  • improved cognitive function
  • stress reduction
  • creativity
  • intellectual development
  • appreciation for nature
  • physical wellness
  • increased attention span

In our programming, we’ll help children to develop:

  • Problem Solving Skills–Children learn how to approach problems as exciting opportunities.
  • Emotional Intelligence–Children work closely alongside one another and grow in community.
  • Creativity–According to research, the number one outcome of nature play is creativity.
  • Resilience–As children explore solutions to their own projects, they learn to take risks and embrace moments of failure and success.

Our goal is to help kids develop these skills in our one-hour sessions, mini-camps, and afternoon nature play programs!

If you’re interested in inquiring about a program, Contact Us and we’ll get back with you to start a conversation!

And please keep in mind, Sparrow’s Nest Play needs your support. Sparrow’s Nest Play seeks to make its program available to children of ALL abilities and backgrounds. Scholarships are always needed in our community. Your dollars spent at Sparrow’s Nest Play build children who are compassionate, creative, critical thinkers. Each session teaches valuable skills that will change a child’s future. Please consider donating to our work!

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