Nature Play Adventures

Nature Play Adventures Begins Spring 2022 at the Powder Springs Passive Area

What are “Nature Play Adventures?”

Nature Play Adventures at Sparrow’s Nest Play are designed to allow children opportunities to grow, learn, and explore in nature on an ongoing basis while developing specific skills such as:

  • peacemaking
  • conflict resolution
  • sustainability
  • care for the environment
  • mindfulness

The daily schedule at Nature Play Adventures changes seasonally and with the interests of the children, but usually includes:

  • large group gathering
  • snack
  • group games
  • free nature play
  • mindfulness routines
  • nature art projects
  • nature journaling
  • seasonal group projects

Sparrow’s Nest Play has been founded with equitable access to nature and affordability in mind. We are a community open to families and children of all faiths, races, abilities, and backgrounds. We cherish opportunities to embrace diversity among one another, teaching collaboration, justice, and peace.

Costs and Process

If you would like to register a child for Nature Play Adventures, fill out the form on our Registration Page. If you would like to register multiple children, please fill it out once for each child.

Customize Your Schedule

Families may sign up for any combination of days per week that best fits their schedule and budget. Enrollment will be confirmed once you have selected your weekly schedule and we affirm we have room for your child on those selected days. Once you select your schedule, we prefer it to remain set for the semester (Spring: January – May; Fall: August – December) to allow your child to establish a routine*. Should you need to make a change, please contact the Director.

*If your child is absent on a day when they are scheduled to arrive at Sparrow’s Nest Play, you will be called to confirm their absence. Should routine absences on days reserved for your child become habitual, we will contact you regarding a schedule change for your child.


After you’ve registered, we’ll contact you to confirm whether there are any spots available. If so, you’ll be asked to pay a registration fee.

Annual Registration Fee: $25

The registration fee reserves your child’s spot. Payments may be made in cash, checks made payable to Sparrow’s Nest Play, or on our website (a separate link will be available to you).

Upon paying the registration fee, you will also be asked to sign a Participant Waiver (for each child) and review the Parent Handbook.

When your child starts, you will need to pay a small fee for each day they participate.

Daily Fee: $7

Payment is due at the completion of each program week. Payments may be made in cash, checks made payable to Sparrow’s Nest Play, or on our website.

Scholarships are available to families who express need. Please contact our Director if you feel your family would qualify and benefit from scholarship funds for any Sparrow’s Nest Play program.

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Or, if you’re interested in inquiring about a program, Contact Us and we’ll get back with you to start a conversation!

Nature Play Adventures is not required to be licensed by Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and this program is exempt from state license requirements.