Pinterest for Curated Content!

Curated content is a fancy way saying, “Ain’t no such thing as an original idea!” This was my personal motto for years as a curriculum writer and director. As long as I give credit to where credit is due, I feel like “sharing is caring.”

So this is just a small Shout Out to our Sparrow’s Nest Play Pinterest page. I’ve been accumulating content for years, but now we’ve got it all in one space. Topics (or Pinterest boards for seasoned “dinners”) include everything from favorite Quotes and Memes, Book Lists, Units of Study, Place Spaces, and of course, Sparrow’s Nest Play content.

I’d love to connect with you on Pinterest, or one of our other social media platforms to hear your ideas about nature play! Please reach out and connect so we can form a hub of like minds that are here to make teaching children in nature a fully resourced movement!

I feel passionately about this movement to get us outside learning and I know I am not alone. If you are a school – no matter how big or small – doing nature play in anyway, please connect with us through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or by following us here on the blog or leaving us a message. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn. I’d love to chat and find out how YOU are incorporating nature play into your educational experience.

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